By Daniel Hunter

A key package of regulation to help employers prepare for automatic enrolment into workplace pensions was published on Wednesday.

This package, alongside the revised timetable for automatic enrolment published last week, is designed to make it easier for business to manage their new duties. With these regulations in place, the legislative framework underpinning these reforms is now almost complete.

The DWP is publishing the Government’s response to the consultation published last summer on workplace pension reform regulations, and guidance on certifying pension schemes.

"I welcome the positive response to our consultation," Minister for Pensions Steve Webb said.

"These regulations provide key legal requirements and guidance to help employers start enrolling their staff later this year. Automatic enrolment can now begin and start a much-needed seismic shift in pension saving in this country."

The consultation looked at arrangements to put into effect the remaining recommendations of the Making Automatic Enrolment Work Review on optional waiting periods and simplification of the certification process.

It also covered new statutory instruments on special occupations not included previously; seafarers, offshore workers and police not under a contract of employment.

A revised timetable for automatic enrolment was published on 25 January, giving employers clarity and certainty about their starting dates.

This followed the announcement, in November, that small firms would be given more time to prepare for automatic enrolment to help them out in exceptionally tough economic times.

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