By Daniel Hunter

Sir Howard Davies, the man chosen by David Cameron to investigate airport capacity in the UK, will today (Friday) set out what he hopes to achieve, as well as announcing who will sit on the commission.

His report is due in 2015, but the decision on whether to support its recommendations will be taken after the next general election.

Despite the government resisting pressure to build a third runway at Heathrow, many businesses have been lobbying for expansion at the airport.

"Sir Howard Davies is obviously doing the best he can with the hand he was dealt, but the Government must look again at the excessive length of time before they allow him to report," Corin Taylor, Senior Economic Adviser at the Institute of Directors, said.

"The uncertainty already caused by years of delay on airport expansion is damaging enough without waiting even longer to make a decision.

“It seems that the Davies Commission will have solid conclusions based on extensive research ready well before 2015 - business needs to know what they are as soon as possible. We must remember that airports are not standalone installations - delaying this question for three years will have knock-on effects on surface infrastructure like rail connections."

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