By Daniel Hunter

Following the announcement last year, the government have now brought into place the increased air passenger duty (APD) rates, a rise of 8%.

Chancellor Osborne announced the changes last year in his Autumn Statement, and after much criticism, has seen them implemented.

For short-haul flights, the tax has increased from £12 to £13. For long-haul flights of more than 4,000 miles, it has gone up from £85 to £92.

The bosses of Easyjet, British Airways owner IAG, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic released a joint statement that said the increase would "hit millions of hard-working families and damage the wider economy."

"We urge [Chancellor] George Osborne to make APD the first tax to be examined under the Treasury's new review of the wider impacts of taxation on the economy," they said.

There is a fear that the increase in tax may see the number of people visiting the UK decrease, which would harm tourism and the economy.

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