Air France

Four Air France employees have been fired after airline bosses were stripped of their clothes in angry protests in October.

A fifth worker may also be fired for serious misconduct in assaulting managers, but he is subject to a separate disciplinary procedure because he is a union representative.

In addition to being dismissed, the five workers and another colleague, are due to appear in court in December to face criminal charges.

A further 11 employees have been suspended for two weeks without pay for breaking into the airline's headquarters.

The Air France managers were attending a meeting the company headquarters to discuss plans to cut nearly 3,000 jobs. Hundreds of disgruntled workers stormed the headquarters and two managers in particular, human resources manager Xavier Broseta and senior official Pierre Plissonnier, had their shirts ripped almost entirely from their backs. One manager was forced to flee over a security fence with the help of police and security.

Several people were injured during the protests, and one security guard was knocked unconscious