By Daniel Hunter

Transport Union RMT warned of a repeat of the G4S Olympics security scandal on the tube if London Underground continue with their plans to staff services with inadequately trained volunteers.

RMT is in formal dispute as Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSA’s) are still being used to make up minimum numbers at stations, which is in breach of agreement made in 2008. Additionally the union has advised management of serious concerns over their plans to introduce mobile station supervision as well as the continuing use of agency and security staff on the ex-Silverlink stations.

RMT has set out its clear opposition to the counting of ICSAs towards minimum staffing numbers for stations, as this:

· puts passengers and staff at risk by putting the safe running of stations in the hands of minimally-trained volunteers

· is dangerous at all times, but especially during periods of heavy congestion like the unprecedented demands of the Olympics

· breaches the settlement of our Casualisation dispute in 2008

· undermines the role of station staff and therefore threatens future staffing levels and job security.

RMT is currently balloting for action short of a strike on this issue across London Underground.

“The G4S Olympics security staffing shambles is all set for an action replay on the underground as management resort to ripping up existing agreements and playing fast and loose with the use of minimally-trained volunteers to try and get them through the biggest transport challenge London has ever faced," RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said.

"We risk descending into total chaos if the agreed rules are ripped-up in a desperate effort to try and muddle through on a wing and prayer.”

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