By Max Clarke

adidas and Intel have this week unveiled the adiVERSE Virtual Footwear Wall, a revolutionary new interactive, real-time rendered product installation for retail, created with leading branding, digital and retail agency Start JudgeGill.

adiVERSE demonstrates adidas and Intel’s shared vision of a ‘connected retail’ world in which Start JudgeGill are leading global consultants. The tool combines the best of retail with the best of digital, to offer an enhanced shopping experience by bringing shoppers the product they want, even if it is not physically available in store. If an adidas customer needs product guidance, they cannot find the product they need or like, or they require it in a particular size or colour, adiVERSE will help shoppers find the right product for them. The application will give adidas the opportunity to offer the largest range of products in even the smallest stores, effectively bringing the flagship store range and the entire e-commerce range to every store in the world. Behind the scenes, the system is gender- and age-aware, helping to enhance the shopping experience by presenting relevant products faster.

adidas will further enhance its customers’ shopping experience by using adiVERSE to put the product in the context of the sport it is designed for as well as to drive deeper levels of brand and product engagement in-store. The wall allows adidas to feature video and brand communications content that highlights special products such as the new adizero F50. adiVERSE will also help adidas connect into social networks out of store, thereby integrating adidas stores into the connected lives of today’s consumers.

Once adidas and Intel have tested and demonstrated the success of the adiVERSE system for footwear, there are plans to expand to apparel and accessories, in stores worldwide.

Dave Judge, Creative Director of Start JudgeGill, commented: “Working with adidas and Intel on the adiVERSE Virtual Footwear Wall has been one of the most exciting and technologically challenging projects we have ever had the pleasure of working on, in all of our many years of brand, digital and retail experience. Start JudgeGill are developing many ‘connected retail’ projects for a number of blue chip retailers around the globe as this ‘rebirth of retail’ reaches its tipping point and retailers have to plug in to their customers’ connected lifestyles. We believe that the future of retailing lies in bringing together the best of digital media, interactivity, and product presentation to offer extraordinary and complimentary retail experiences in store, of which adiVERSE is a perfect example. We truly believe innovations such as this will not only drive sales, but will radically change the face of retailing and the way consumers interact with retail brands and their products.”

Chris Aubrey, VP of Global Retail Marketing Sport Performance, adidas AG, added: “Start JudgeGill’s expertise has been fundamental in the development of this project. From conception to delivery of this technically challenging project they have worked in a harmonious partnership with adidas and Intel, and have consistently delivered the goods. The agency has been outstanding in their commitment to helping us realise and deliver this groundbreaking project that we are presenting today.”

Start JudgeGill has worked closely with Intel on the project, leading the full scale and real time rendering product presentation digital design and development, utilising the latest Intel chips and developing innovative approaches for virtual product interaction.

adiVERSE — which is currently being beta tested - has been unveiled for the first time this week by adidas and Intel at the National Retail Federation Annual Expo 2011 in New York.