By Maximilian Clarke

Numbers of youth not in employment, education or training, dubbed NEET by the media, continue to rise, soaring above 1.16 million in the third quarter 2011.

In order to reverse this worrying trend, avoiding the possibility of ‘a lost generation’ doomed to a lifetime of job insecurity and poor employment prospects as they remain unable to gain experience, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) have implored government to take positive action.

“The CBI wants to see a ‘Young Britain Credit’ to give employers £1,500 for taking on an unemployed 16 to 24-year-old to get more young people into work,” said Katja Hall, Chief Policy Director. “We also want the Government to freeze the national minimum wage youth rate and to introduce a one-year apprenticeship scheme from January.

“Only a matter of days away from the autumn statement, we urgently need the Government to come up with short-term measures to spur businesses growth and get firms taking on more young people.

“Looking further ahead, the Government must do more to address the underlying problems that lead to NEETs in the first place, such as focusing on helping workless communities and embedding employability skills in school teaching.”

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