By Claire West

A recent survey has shown that stressed out workers are taking their mobiles and smartphones abroad with them with the expectation of working, potentially opening up their companies to data breaches.

Credant Technologies surveyed 1,000 office workers in LOndon, and found that 65% of those questioned will remain in touch with the office when overseas, checking email accounts and texts to ensure things stay on track during their absence. Nearly half of those who plan to check emails will do so at least once a day.

At least 54% of those surveyed felt they had to be available while away from their desks admitted checking their emails would leave them more stressed instead of relaxed following their break. 57% blamed being a work junky on the current economic climate making it important that they are reachable while away.

Credant has found that 64% of those questioned this year will take a laptop with them on their travels compared with just 33% in 2008. Many will be left unencrypted and insecure, without a password for protection.

Darren Shimkus, Worldwide SVP of Marketing at Credant Technologies said: “We seem to have changed to a global population of workaholics. Only 35% of our respondents have no contact whatsoever with work during their holiday which puts them firmly in the minority".

Mr. Shimkus highlighted the importance of ensuring that confidential data is secured. He said: "Our advice to the corporate world is don’t leave security up to your staff, do it for them, especially as the Information Commissioner’s Office are under pressure to flex its new muscle and fine up to £500K for data breaches".

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