Christmas snow

It’s that time of year again. The busiest shopping season of the year. Aside from the usual rush around Christmas, there are also a few other big shopping days that kick off the season. The next few months present an enormous opportunity for you to succeed with your own promotions at a time when your customers are primed and ready to buy. Let’s make it your best season yet!

How to create a great Christmas offer

The key to a great offer is that it’s compelling enough to get people to act. It also needs to bridge the gap between your customer’s needs and your success.

1) Set your goal

What’s your vision of success? Of course you’ll want people to visit your store. But if Christmas has come and gone, what specifically would make it a success for you? Ultimately, this boils down to generating more revenue. What is that dollar amount? Also, think about how many existing customers you’d like to get in the store. How many new customers? These things can colour the strategy behind your offer and how you present it.

2) Understand your audience

Understand who you’re talking to so you can make an offer that appeals to them. Here’s a simple way to get started: Think about one of your best customers. Create an offer that would appeal to that person specifically.

3) Understand your value

Your customers have a lot of options—why would they want to support your business? What products or services do you provide to make your best customer’s life better? There are probably many things that make you valuable to your audience. Write them down.

Pick ONE key aspect of your value to use for this offer.

4) Create your great offer

Take the one thing you chose from steps 1-3 and put them together to answer the question:

Why should someone come into your store for your Christmas offer?

Not every offer needs to be a discount. Some ideas include: free coffee/donut, special gift wrapping, get a free stocking stuffer with purchase, spend more than £30 and get 10% off your next purchase, etc.

Your Christmas promotional plan

With a great offer, promotional plan, and the tools to help you execute the plan you’ll be in a great position to have your most successful Christmas ever! You already know your goal and what you’ll be offering. The next step is to put together a promotional plan.

How to promote your Christmas offer

In-store promotion: Once you have your offer create signs to hang in your store to let people know about it. Don’t forget to encourage people to stay in touch by joining your email list so you can send them information about other offers and get them back to the store.

Email promotion: We suggest an email plan that includes a total of three messages: an announcement of your offer, a reminder, and a “Thank You” message.

Facebook promotion: In addition to your regular Facebook updates also plan on letting people know about your Christmas offer.

By Tamsin Fox-Davies, Senior Development Manager, ConstantContact