By Claire West

Taking a small business to the next level can be a huge gamble.But now a contest open to small businesses aims to make the gamble pay off.

The Small Business Software Accelerator Competition will give the winners a chance to work with an outstanding development team providing bespoke software with no upfront costs.

The competition is being launched at the Business Startup Exhibition - the leading show for entrepreneurs and business owners - at ExCel in London on 17 and 18 May.

It’s being run by Condaal Ltd, a software development company founded by Edwin Groenendaal and Simon Conway, based in Fulham.

Put simply what they are looking for is great ideas

“We believe in the potential of small business in the UK. But in today’s economy it can be impossible to fund the sort of software development that is required to drive business success. We are offering small companies with great ideas and big ambitions access to our expertise and, crucially, a route to development without upfront costs,” explained Simon Conway.

“This competition is a unique offer,” he added. “We will shoulder the risk and costs of development and take payment based on how well our software performs. We are willing to take this risk because, given the right business idea, we will produce the perfect software to bring a business to the next level.”

Applications for the competition open on 7 May. To be considered for the project visit and fill in the online questionnaire. There are 10 questions about your business, your ambitions and the software needed.

Apply by 14 May and Condaal’s founders will provide feedback on your submission at the Business Startup Show.