By Claire West

The Government is said to be masterminding a multi-billion pound scheme designed to help more than 4 million British small businesses go green. uSwitchforbusiness.com
, the independent and impartial energy brokerage for small businesses, comments on the proposed new 'Green Deal for Business'.

James Constant, Director of uSwitchforbusiness.com
, says: "The latest proposal from the Government to help small businesses is extremely welcome. Anything that helps small businesses to manage their energy usage and therefore cut their costs has got to be good news. The question is whether it will go far enough to encourage business owners to be proactive in the energy market and to take steps to really tackle their energy bills.

"There are two simple steps to managing business energy costs - cut down the amount of energy you use and pay the lowest possible price for what you do use. While the 'Green Deal for Business' will tackle the first step, it looks set to ignore the second and this is a concern. While consumers are being urged to take advantage of the competitive market,
small businesses are being left to their own devices. As a result, only a third (33%) proactively check the market before signing their next energy contract, while three in ten (30%) simply allow their existing energy contract to rollover - often paying over the odds as a result.

"If the 'Green Deal' is going to have an impact it needs to look at both steps in harmony and not just energy efficiency in isolation. It is important that businesses start to understand energy contracts so that they can avoid continual rollover onto uncompetitive terms. If the Government gets the 'Green deal for Business' right they could encourage many more businesses to take part in the market and actively take control of both their energy usage and their costs."