By Daniel Hunter

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is calling on all small businesses to join its new research community ‘Big Voice.’

By taking part in this unique survey forum, small firms have the opportunity to have their voice heard by government and other senior national policymakers.

FSB is planning to create the biggest business survey community in the UK. Members can sign up to the Big Voice panel and answer questions on the issues that are important to their small business. Recent polls include topics like broadband, access to finance, employment, pensions and tax.

The FSB uses the gathered insights to form the basis of its’ discussions with the Prime Minister, Chancellor and other leading politicians, to create change at all levels of Government. For example, FSB Big Voice data was used in the Chancellor’s announcement on the uptake of the [nurl=]Employment Allowance

The online community is managed by Verve the specialist in Community Panels for research, on behalf of the FSB.

John Allan, National Chairman of Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“The Big Voice survey panel shines a spotlight on the issues important to small businesses. The collected data is shared by the FSB with politicians at all levels of Government, to create change for small businesses. No matter how small the company, the experiences of its owner helps Policy Makers and Politicians understand the needs of small businesses and how they operate”.

Andrew Cooper, Founder of Verve said:

“A Community Panel allows the FSB to gain the views of their members as if they were just sitting in the room next door. This empowers the FSB to fulfil its mission to represent the Voice of Small Business, allowing members to be heard as never before."

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