Home working (3)

Along the same lines of taking regular breaks is the need to welcome the right distractions into your work day. Working from home provides an abundance of distractions, whether its your home phone ringing or the urge to clean your dishes from the night before. Rather than ignoring all distractions, it’s important to recognise and welcome the right ones. A study lead by the University of California found employees were actually happiest when performing busywork such as cleaning their desk or sorting email. Completing busywork gives you a feeling of accomplishment without the corresponding stress which comes along with more challenging tasks. And these distractions ultimately add to your productivity as you get some useful house keeping items done!

Productivity is an essential variable in the growth and efficiency of any business. Ultimately, maintaining and increasing productivity comes down to setting up the right work environment, managing your time well and making use of the technology that makes working from home feasible.

By Axel Schmidt, Public Relations Manager, TeamViewer