By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and owner of Energy PR

Someone asked me only last week how can I become the person my media always comes to for comment? This is one of the most common things I get asked, so I thought I’d share my 8 step guide to becoming a media pundit.

- Always prioritise them — treat the media like an important customer. When they call/email you respond promptly.

- Become known as an individual/business that is eminently quotable — don’t sit on the fence, have views, package them up in strong sound bites/pithy phrases...and share them.

- Be helpful and honest — if they come to you about something that isn’t really your sphere of expertise say so but try to point them towards someone who can help.

- Be proactive — give them a call when you have some information/news that you think they will find interesting.

- Be altruistic — also give them a call when you have some information that is not to do with your business but you think they will find useful (obviously don’t be slanderous about your competitors).

- Take key media out to lunch occasionally — they won’t always have time for this, so have a reason for the lunch (chance to update them on your plans/chat about the industry, feedback on some amazing seminar/event you’ve attended which they won’t have been to etc).

- Invite them to special briefings and events. If you are hosting a party invite your favoured media along. If it’s an event for your clients/customers they may not feel so relaxed if the media are there... use your judgement about when it’s right to include the media.

- Create media entertainment opportunities — for instance, if you are opening a new factory, launching a new product, unveiling a new menu etc, offer them a special media-only sneak preview.

If you wholeheartedly follow these 8 steps you will not only become the go-to person for your media, but your entire organisation will become more media focused & friendly which can only be a good thing.

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