By Marcus Leach

A study into the career satisfaction of British workers reveals that 28% are not satisfied with their current job and only one in four have no plans to change their career in the next five years.

The research, carried out among 1,200 British workers and commissioned by Train4TradeSkills, also discovered that only 39% are in their ideal job.

According to the research, British workers believe a decent salary is key to
career satisfaction, cited by 64%, as well as a sense of achievement in your
work (59%) and being able to work the hours you want (46%). However, it
seems that better salaries don’t always equal greater job satisfaction;
for example only 24% of those earning £25,000 - £29,999 are dissatisfied
in their job, compared to 27% who earn between £35,000 and £49,999.

Workers in leisure and hospitality are some of the most satisfied, with 27%
of workers in this sector agreeing they are very satisfied with their job,
followed by 24% in manufacturing and IT. In contrast, only 14% in retail and
15% of workers in the transportation sector say they are very satisfied.

Career satisfaction is highest in the South West of Britain and the West
Midlands (79% respectively), while workers in the South East and East
Midlands (68% respectively) are not as satisfied.

The study shows that overall, the vast majority (84%) of British workers
agree there were aspects of their current job that they don’t like.
However, 64% have highlighted that there are factors stopping them from
changing their careers if they were to pursue this. The key issues for those
being stopped from changing their careers were revealed as: not being able
to afford to take a pay cut (37%), not being able to afford to retrain (29%)
and simply not knowing what they want to do instead (35%).

“There are many people working in Britain who are not satisfied in their current job and while pay is deemed important, it’s interesting to see that big salaries do not always equal career satisfaction. People are looking for flexible hours, being their own boss and doing work they enjoy and are keen to find a career that offers these benefits," Mike Head of Train4TradeSkills, commented.

“The process of retraining and changing careers can be a challenge, but by
looking for cost-effective courses that offer virtual learning and the
ability to work while you learn, many Brits could find themselves embracing
a career they love in the next few years.”

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