By Charlo Carabott, Mazuma Mobile

Tip 1 - Request customer feedback

Feedback is essential in order for your company to grow. Whether it's via social media or through email, always request feedback from each of your customers and analyse it. When you start, do it via email, when you grow, use online tools to automate the process. You may want to adjust minor things in your everyday operations to ensure the same mistakes aren't happening and you may decide to improve or invest more time in the things your customers appreciate.

Tip 2 – Listen and respond to online reviews

Being responsive, transparent and honest about how you handle negative reviews encourages those who have something good to say to feel like they should express it. People trust a business more if they feel they are being listened to. The trick is to make sure consumers perceive their opinion is valuable to the community, not for the company, so that they come back and review on a regular basis... making it second nature after purchasing.

Tip 3 - Turn negative feedback into a positive

If you receive any negative reviews or comments via social media or through emails, don't ignore them in hopes that people will forget. Most of the times an angry customer that you spend a little time helping will turn into an advocate for your brand.

Tip 4– Motivate your staff with the positive feedback

A positive customer experience and the feedback that follows, not only reflects positively on your brand but it’s usually a strong motivator for employees, having positive impacts on staff morale.

Tip 5 - Simplify your review service

Don't flood your customers with useless questions. A lengthy review process may put your customers off, so keep the number of clicks to a minimum and don’t waste their and your time.

Tip 6 – Regularly inform your customers

Ensure all your customers are well informed and happy. Satisfied and informed customers tend not to contact you wanting extra information, because they trust you'll tell them if there's any news or change in the service. As a result you can deal with transactions and everyday processes quicker and more smoothly.

Tip 7 – Set the bar for your industry

When it comes to responding to customer reviews and delivering your service, you should analyse what your competitors are doing and do your best to do it better with maximum efforts. Even if you are not the biggest company in the industry, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your customer service.