By Jonathan Bird, Managing Director of Silent Director

Social Media has become of the prime ways to advertise your business, with millions of daily active users on social media services like Twitter and Facebook, there’s a huge audience for you to reach out to and make aware of your business and how it’s something they need to know about. Here’s why your small business needs to be on social media.

1. Social media is built for mobile users

With mobile becoming one the most, if not THE most common ways people are online at any point during the day, having your message out there is so important for your business. With people using their phones and tablets to go online whenever they have a spare moment, whether it’s when they are on a break, commuting or while they are out having fun in the evenings, any of these times could be the time they see your message or your logo. Take advantage of all this exposure, get your name out there, you never know when people will see one of your posts.

2. Advertise your brand

When making your social media accounts, instead of using your name or your face, you can use your company name and logo instead. Everything you can potentially do on the internet and social media is potential advertising. Use this to your advantage, show everyone that you exist so that when they need that item or service, your name will be the one they think of first.

3. Social Media only costs your time

One of the biggest reason your small business should be on social media is that it doesn’t cost anything apart from your own time. Every retweet or share or reblog etc that happens to a post you make is not only free advertising that you didn’t have to invest into, but it’s your company name and logo being seen by a fresh set of eyes, or a fresh set of potential new business. All it takes is one well-made post to go viral and that’s more advertising than you’d ever get posting in the local newspaper.

4. An easy way to interact with the public

An important thing to know is that people relate more and are more likely to do business with a company that interacts with not only their current customer base, but potential new customers as well. If a potential new client is asking your company questions via one of your social media pages and is getting a reply fairly promptly, they are of course going to feel valued and are far more likely to not only do business with you, but recommend you to their friends both on and offline.

5. Social media pages allow you to see how people feel about you

While you’re interacting with your clients on your social media pages, you can also keep an eye on the conversations that are happening about you. This gives you a unique insight into your client’s views about your business and the goods or services you provide. You can then do as you will with this information, whether that’s explaining why things are how they are, or changing what they feel needs changing to really show that you listen to them.

6. Increasing the traffic to your website

The more people you get talking about you on social media, the more times your URL has been typed, the higher you will rank in Google’s search algorithms. People use social media tools like Facebook to hunt for local businesses all the time. Make sure you’re there to be found and link your page to your website.

Social media is not only one of the biggest audiences out there for you to advertise in, it’s also free. Stand out from the crowd by truly interacting with your customers and watching the word and mouth spread far and wide without spending a penny. Take advantage of the unique opportunity that social media provides, because I assure you, everyone else is.