By Marcus Leach

East London Labour Assembly member, John Biggs, has described the planned Greenwich to Royal Docks cable car as "a fantastic attraction" for the area but "not a serious solution" to east London's transport needs.

Boris Johnson announced on Monday that Transport for London (TfL) would be providing "up front funding" for the cable car, estimated to cost £50 million. The mayor said in July 2010, "The aim is to fund the construction of the scheme entirely from private finance."

"I've no objection to what will be a fantastic attraction but this is not a serious solution to the real transport needs for the area and no substitute for what we really need - a new road crossing," City and East London Assembly member, John Biggs, said.

"It'll be lovely for those floating over the Thames - not so great for those stuck in traffic down below.

"We were promised this at no cost to the tax or fare payer, and at a time when fares are rocketing and other projects are being cut, I'd question whether this is the sort of thing that should be paid for out of the public purse."