By Xenios Thrasyvoulou of PeoplePerHour

The best entrepreneurs are outside-the-box thinkers who look at something and see something glaringly obvious that others don’t. Creative visionaries with fluid perspectives and that spark that keeps that thirst within them to strive for success and avoid mediocrity.

But when building that new business or taking your first step into the world of making it on your own, here are my five key pieces of advice to secure your success when starting out.

1. Get Creative and Innovative - Coming up with an idea that only slightly improves on your competitors offering isn’t enough. You have to offer something totally different that will increase the customers experience tenfold.

2. Solicit Negative Feedback - Sometimes the best solutions require some lateral thinking, always ask other people. Actively seek negative feedback - question everything, especially if you are already are an industry insider. Keep doing it until you consistently get the same negative feedback, then think about what you are going to do about it.

3. Use The Negatives To Improve - Put those solutions to the test by seeking more feedback on the solutions, and make sure you’re getting brutal honesty. It can be hard to take, but don't just hear what people are saying. Understand it and take note of how they are saying it. Quite often, the answers that you couldn’t find come from others, and there's no shame in that. So long as the quality of your product is improving and your process is streamlining, then you can’t have any complaints.

Keep Consistent - Running out of the starting blocks and sprinting ahead is all very well and good, but can you keep the pace? When I first started PeoplePerHour, I would pour over any and all feedback and it was the lifeblood of how my company evolved, but too many entrepreneurs lose track of this as they storm ahead. Keep as close an eye on that negative feedback, and continue to ask people what they’re experience has been, and never stop using that to improve.

Persevere - A product is never finished. Ever. It can always be improved and the consumer population changes and evolves continually. So you need to keep up. Look at Facebook... They change their layout and features pretty much monthly and they do so because it keeps them ahead of the curve. Persevere with your thirst for feedback and use those negative opinions to persevere to put things right.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. It’s so rewarding watching people and enabling them to succeed quicker. Recommendations are gold-dust to entrepreneurs, so make sure you’re nipping the negative feedback in the bud as soon as it surfaces, and you’ll be swarming with success.