mallow-marsh-2jpg Mallow & Marsh are now sold in 2000 stores nationwide. Image: Mallow & Marsh
  1. Have confidence in yourself
The pressure as you enter the den, both pressure you put on yourself, as well as the pitching set up is pretty tough. Whatever you really think, you have to really believe in yourself, believe in your capabilities and believe in your product or service. Back yourself. If you don’t, no one else will for sure.

I received two offers in the den, but said no. At the time I said it was likely to be one of the best or worst decisions I ever made. You never know what could have happened on the other side but because the business is going so well, I feel I did make the right call. Either way, I had done enough planning and preparation to be confident that it was the decision I wanted to make, based on what I knew.

Having industry professionals offer to back your company, give positive responses to the products and give you feedback is second to none, whether they invest or not. This really helped me define the brand and give me the confidence to know I’m doing the right thing, I’m on the right path and there’s people who believe in it. The whole journey gave me the enthusiasm and confidence to move forward.