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    Reaching for the Starlings: 15 drink entrepreneurs to watch in 2020


    The movers and shakers of the drinks industry range from chai lattes in a tin to plant-based milkshakes. The revolutionary new concoction, sparkling kefir, is an exciting new concept, using Culture from 2,000 years ago. And the ever-popular craft beer has got to make an appearance on our impressive list of drink companies rocking the market this year.

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    Communicating in a crisis


    These are unprecedented times as Covid-19 pushes the UK government into taking extraordinary measures that pose a serious threat to the very viability of many small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.We catch up with Louis Hill, Managing Director of Source PR , who offers some advice on how SMEs should communicate ...

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    The benefits of flexible working to family life are obvious


    These are strange times indeed. As we settle into a very different way of working over the next few months with many of us having to balance looking after children, home schooling and working from home, businesses are having to adapt quickly to remote working and being more flexible with ...

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    Coronavirus: Five ways to mitigate the risks of remote working


    By Andy Jane, CTO at Olive Communications The UK is on partial lockdown with many SMEs embracing for the first time a new flexible world of remote working following Government restrictions on only essential travel to work. This could continue for up to six months. First companies were faced with ...

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    SMS Keeps Business Communication Alive as COVID-19 Locks Britain Down


    SMS has become an increasingly popular business tool in recent years. But new data released by of Intergo Telecom has revealed that the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an upswell in the number of businesses using SMS to send integral communications. From customer service messages to ...

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    6 mistakes killing your referral marketing programme


    By Sophia King, Mention Me . Originally featured here . I’ve made a terrible mistake. We’ve written blogs and guides on it, hosted events explaining it, even won awards celebrating it. You’ve guessed it. We’re talking about referral marketing. We’ve said a lot about how ...

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    The pros and cons of rebranding a successful business


    Rebranding can be one of the most valuable exercises a company can undertake – transforming the brand and changing perceptions both equal commercial success – if it’s done well.

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    Coronavirus: Mental health warning


    By Jonathan Ratcliffe, As the reality of home working for the foreseeable future sinks in, usually sociable and outgoing business professionals need to address their mental health. Many of my colleagues love their business life because it’s so sociable, but now we are isolated from that social network, and ...

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    Coronavirus: Broadband data caps removed


    The UK's major broadband providers have agreed to remove monthly data caps for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is part of a range of measures agreed by the industry and government to ensure consumers are supported during this time. With much of the country now working from home, ...

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    Carry on advertising, consumers say


    Less than 10% of consumers believe businesses should stop advertising campaigns during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Kantar. The global study of 35,000 consumers found just 8% are calling for advertisers to halt their activity. It comes as some small business owners and marketing teams question whether or not it's ...

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    Which road to reinvention?


    The current pandemic has heightened the need for agencies to fundamentally change. That’s all very well in theory, but what should CEOs do in practice?

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    6 factors for a post-Coronavirus comeback


    By Brett Booth, partner and h ead of strategy and creative at Urban Nerds In the UK, as speculation around the extent that coronavirus (COVID-19) could impact our economy sets in, many businesses are scrambling to survive. Reported cases of bankruptcy around the globe are already significant, with many ...

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    Coronavirus: Home workers missing office environment


    Spending time with colleagues, office banter and adult conversations are what workers miss most about the office while working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Vodafone. Office banter is the most missed aspect of an office environment (41%), closely followed by spending time with their workmates (40%). ...

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    Coronavirus: Supermarkets busier than Christmas


    Grocery sales in the UK have beaten all-time records for the month of March as shoppers stocked up amid the outbreak of Coronavirus. Industry researchers Kantar said 88% of households visited a supermarket between 16-19 March, equivalent to 42 million extra shopping trips over the period. Over the past four ...

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    Coronavirus: Wales launches £500m Economic Resilience Fund


    A new £500 million fund has been launched by the Welsh Government designed to "plug the gaps" in support schemes already announced by the UK government. The Economic Resilience Fund will support firms of all sizes, including social enterprises, with a focus on those which have not already benefited from ...

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    How to manage customer support employees remotely


    While productivity in many sectors has taken a significant blow during the coronavirus pandemic, customer support employees are among those for whom the opposite is true.

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    Entry, growth and sustainability: Mapping out the world of foodservice and dealing with the here and now!


    This session will layout how to build your foodservice strategy and be ready to hit the market with a bang!

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    Searching for creativity


    Creativity was needed. As in business the problem needed a creative solution. But as with all things, creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

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    Coronavirus profiteers slammed


    The number of businesses and individuals hiking prices to take advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak has been described as "appalling". Over the past fortnight, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has issued a series of warnings about price gouging and scams. Having received a seemingly endless line of reports of ...

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    Coronavirus: Oil prices hit 18-year low


    The price of Brent crude oil has crashed to its lowest level in 18 years as demand collapses during the Coronavirus crisis. The benchmark price fell to $23.03, its lowest since November 2002. Meanwhile, US West Texas Intermediate dropped below $20 per barrel in a near 20 year low. Over ...