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    Using podcasts to promote your business


    By Ben Anderson, founder and Managing Director of Sound Rebel . Driven by the change in the way people consume television programmes, which has seen a significant shift to on-demand services, the country’s listening habits are being transformed. Until the recent stay home warnings, the number of people listening to ...

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    Digital transformation without the judgement


    By John Appleby, CEO Avantra. We all know that the world is changing, that Amazon is coming to eat your business model, and some startup is going to Uberize your market. Unfortunately, Digital Transformation has become a buzzword synonymous with large consultancies and not business results, and many businesses are ...

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    How to use videoblogging for marketing


    By Mi Elfverson, Founder of the Vlog Academy and Eye Storm . We are now seeing a real shift in the market whereby business vlogging is now being seen as a serious marketing tool. Over the last few years I’ve been teaching business owners and organisations how to use ...

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    The Voice Of The Customer: What Is It And Are You Failing To Hear It?


    By Fox Geere, Founders of Good . What Is The Voice Of The Customer? Put simply, the Voice of the Customer is your customers’ feedback. It is the methods that customers can use to share their thoughts and opinions on their experiences and expectations of your business. Businesses can implement ...

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    7 AB tests to optimise your referral marketing metrics


    Contribution from Simon Dring, Mention Me. Originally featured here . Did you know AB testing can increase your referral programme's performance by 80%? There are countless elements you can experiment with: copy, design, touchpoints, incentives, sharing methods... the list goes on. In fact, there's so many elements it can be ...

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    Using AI to build a more resilient economy in the face of COVID-19


    By Michael Wu, Chief AI Strategist at PROS . The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt by all industries. Many of which are on the verge of shutting down simply due to the fact that people can no longer carry out work with so many functions still ...

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    Finding calm in the chaos – how to train effectively amidst travel restrictions


    By Tony Hughes, CEO at Huthwaite International . It can be hard not to panic during the hysteria of a crisis and many businesses fall victim to scaremongering. However, it is key to focus on staying calm and relying on tried-and-tested methods that deliver consistent results, particularly when it comes ...

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    Is it time for helicopter money drops, fuelled by the money printing press?


    By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking In the post Civod-19 world, should government resort to electronic money printing press to resuscitate the global economy? In short, will it be time for helicopter money? In the classic western, the US cavalry came riding over the hill to the rescue of ‘brave’ ...

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    Meeting the data challenge of working from home


    By Daniel Milnes, a partner and information lawyer at Forbes Solicitors. Before the UK went on lockdown, ‘work from home wherever possible’ was one of the earliest messages from the Government to try and delay the spread of COVID-19. For businesses not used to remote working, this presented a number ...

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    Raising investment in challenging times


    Raising investment in challenging times, with Julia Elliott Brown These are very worrying times, the current Coronavirus situation will affect each of us differently. I’m sure you’ll be wanting to know what is going to happen in terms of your prospects of raising investment right now. It may well ...

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    Which road to reinvention?


    By Robin Bonn, founder of Co:definery . The current pandemic has heightened the need for agencies to fundamentally change. That’s all very well in theory, but what should CEOs do in practice? As if agencies didn’t have enough to worry about before COVID-19. From management consultants and in-housing, to margin-squeezing, ...

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    Seven measures to help your finances besides the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan scheme


    By Nicky Goringe Larkin, Managing Director of Goringe Accountants On paper the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan (CBILS) is an extremely attractive form of credit, backed by the government in the form of an 80% guarantee. Unfortunately, the likelihood of gaining access to one of these loans is notoriously low, with ...

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    63% of Sales & Marketing Professionals believe the current ‘Sales Crisis’ will end in 4 to 6 months


    According to a Pipedrive survey conducted among 1,424 sales and marketing professionals during a virtual panel discussion on April 2nd, 63% of respondents believe the current ‘sales crisis’ due to the pandemic will end in four to six months. In addition, 62% of respondents said they have changed or ...

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    New app helping Welsh traders reach consumers in the fight back against the coronavirus


    A new app helping Welsh traders reach consumers in the fight back against the coronavirus has been launched. By creating a digital shop window, iTown enables consumers using the app to see what products are on offer locally in businesses such as corner shops, butchers, fruit and veg outlets, bakers, ...

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    Top 5 tips for communicating in a crisis


    By Honest Communications . Let’s be honest. With everything going on at the moment, it’s more important than ever to communicate with our customers. We are all facing uncertain times. It’s time to rally together and help one another. You might know you need to communicate with your customers, but ...

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    UK consumers see an average 59% reduction in available credit offers across credit cards and loans


    ClearScore , the UK’s leading free credit score and credit marketplace, today reveals data that show the true cost of COVID-19 on the country’s credit landscape. UK consumers have seen an average 59% reduction in available credit offers across credit cards and loans, with self-employed and part-time workers (among them ...

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    Almost a third of businesses in Northern England at high risk due to COVID-19


    Almost a third of businesses in the Midlands and the North of England are at high risk of collapse due to COVID-19 impacting on their supply chain, according to a recent report from Durham University Business School. The report reviewed over 1.7 million businesses in these geographical areas, spread across ...

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    Flexible working – will 2020 mark a sea change in attitudes to flexible working?


    By Han Son Lee, Founder of Daddilife These are strange times indeed. As we settle into a very different way of working over the next few months with many of us having to balance looking after children, home schooling and working from home, businesses are having to adapt quickly ...

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    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Gwynt y Ddraig Cider


    “Without the funding from the Development Bank, we wouldn’t have been able to fund the management buyout. It’s great to have the support of Welsh funding for our Welsh brand, and it has been a very easy, quick process. Since taking on the business myself, we’ve had huge opportunities to ...

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    New Covid-19 cases are not accelerating out of control


    By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking The number of new cases of Covid-19 in the UK are “not accelerating out of control,” says Angela McLean, top government scientist, at today's government press briefing.The number of new cases of Covid-19 was 5,491 today (April 8th). That was the highest level in ...