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    Will referral marketing work for your brand? Answer these 7 questions


    Contribution by Sophia King, Mention Me. Originally featured here . You’ve heard great things about referral marketing. You know it increases new customer acquisition by 10-30%; that referred customers spend 10-25% more on their first purchase; and that these customers are three times more likely to become referrers themselves. But ...

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    In with the new . . . but don’t forget the old


    By Peter Sutton, managing director of PMW Marketing Agency Marketing is one industry that has evolved at an alarming rate as new technologies have changed the way we’re able to convey a message and speak to current and potential customers. With the advancement in social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), ...

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    Post-Covid19: How to become a better business


    By Chris Hood, director of consulting - EMEA, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) The current lockdown has forced people to reassess certain assumptions about work and where it is best done. Leaders who assumed before the crisis that home-working was a luxury suited to certain businesses are learning quickly that it ...

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    How to be a change champion


    By Rachel Houghton, managing director, Business Moves Group Although it is too early to say how the coronavirus crisis will change the world in the long term, one area where it is almost certain to have a transformative impact is work. In truth, the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated certain trends ...

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    Evaluating your contractual agreements to protect your business during Covid-19


    By Diane Yarrow, Partner in the corporate and commercial team at Gardner Leader The biggest challenge companies currently face is the financial impact that the coronavirus pandemic will have upon their business. A key consideration of this is the understanding of the various commercial contracts held within the business and ...

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    Government extends lockdown as infection rate fall below one


    By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking The UK government has announced a three-week extension of the UK lockdown, has outlined the five criteria that must be met to relax the social distancing measures, but has also revealed that the infection rate has fallen below one. The infection rate of a ...

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    How to stay safe from cybercriminals whilst working from home


    Andy Horn, CEO at IntraLAN Protecting your business during this time is important. You might have had to adapt your plans and rapidly implement remote working solutions to ensure the safety of your team. Nearly all of us are extending our workplaces into the home and opening up a world ...

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    A step-by-step guide to furloughing staff


    By James Tamm, Director of Legal Services at Ellis Whittam Furlough is the new COVID-19 buzzword, but if you’re not an employment lawyer, it may mean very little to you in any practical sense. However, if you’re planning to claim for wage recovery through the government’s Job Retention Scheme, you ...

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    Build a strong online presence in 4 steps


    By Hiren Parekh, UK country leader, OVHcloud For thousands of small high-street businesses, forced to shut, moving online is the only chance of survival. However, if you’ve not done this before, building an online presence can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Taking your business online is easy ...

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    Why companies should forget force majeure to counter COVID-19 disruption


    By Michael Chambers, partner and head of dispute resolution at Forbes Solicitors. The widespread disruption of COVID-19 is causing many companies to question whether they can claim ‘force majeure’ in respect of their contractual obligations. Businesses are generally considering such action in the belief it will relieve them of delivering ...

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    Using COVID-19 to take change even further


    By Angela Love, director at Active Workplace Solutions Change. A word that brings relief and fear in equal measure. Right now, change has been thrust upon all of us on an unprecedented scale. However, this current interlude is the perfect time for business leaders to take change even further because ...

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    Why clarity matters in a crisis


    By Samuel Pollen, Deputy Creative Director, Reed Words COVID 19 has changed the way we live. And it’s rapidly changing the rules of corporate communication, too. When did you first hear the term ‘social distancing’? It was likely only a month or so ago. And initially, you may not have ...

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    UK ecommerce booms during Covid-19 economic crisis


    Ecommerce sales in the UK saw are seeing their highest levels of growth since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, driven in part by sales in the fashion industry, tech firm Emarsys confirms today. Amid concerns from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) that the UK economy is likely ...

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    Key measures to enable a pandemic remote workforce


    By Bob Sibik, SVP and co-founder, Fusion Risk Management A healthy and available workforce is any business’s most valuable asset. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has already incapacitated some employees and resulted in others being quarantined. Many organisations have activated plans for operating with a remote force, while others are dealing ...

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    Five tips for managing employee wellbeing


    By Dr Holly Blake, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham The demands, challenges and risks that come with running a business bring personal pressures and impact on health and wellbeing. No matter what the size of an organisation, ...

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    Extension to cut off date for Job Retention scheme


    Initially, in order to qualify, individuals had to be employed by the business on February 28, 2020, but the Chancellor announced yesterday that the eligibility date will be extended to March 19 th, 2020, the day before the scheme was announced. This extension has been welcomed by The Association ...

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    As remote working soars – toxic workplace culture costing UK economy £15.7 billion per year


    Breathe, HR software provider for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), reveals the cost of bad company culture: a staggering £15.7 billion per year. The report, ‘ The Culture Economy 2020’ , revealed that 1 in 5 (21%) of SME employees quit their job due to poor workplace culture. ...

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    Entry, Growth and Sustainability


    Entry, Growth and Sustainability: Mapping out the world of Foodservice and dealing with the here and now!, with Dan Head There are no magic answers to our current situation, but Dan will talk through how him and Visionary Food Solutions are helping their brands in the world of foodservice and ...

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    How to manage your cash flow in uncertain times


    By Matthew Thorpe, partner at Haines Watts Essex. While the world is constantly changing, probably at a faster pace now than ever before, businesses need to manage cash flow and costs to drive success in uncertain times, says Matthew Thorpe, partner at Haines Watts Essex. Managing people and ...

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    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Career Cake


    Following a decade in the recruitment industry, Aimee launched Career Cake to provide online video platform for individuals and businesses to help with their personal and professional development. After seeking investment in London and Silicon Valley, Aimee was warned about the limited prospects Wales would offer as a base for ...