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    From conversation to conversion: when customer communication and payments collide


    By Jeroen, Van Glabbeek, CEO at Today, everything is instant. The need for self-isolation has further pushed us into the arms of companies that live for speed. Whether it’s fast Netflix downloads for entertainment, real-time bookings for online fitness classes with Mindbody, or same-day Amazon deliveries for home improvement ...

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    Saving workplace culture


    By Rebekah Wallis The working environment your business fosters is fundamental to employee happiness and productivity. In a time where physical workplace environments have moved from the office to the living room, enabling a positive work culture is more complicated and yet more vital than ever before. Managers and leaders ...

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    How social initiatives help bridge the gap between home-workers


    By Tim Scott, Director of People at Fletchers Solicitors With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic banning all non-essential travel, Tim Scott, Director of People at Fletchers Solicitors, takes a closer look at the increasing value of social events in boosting morale, maintaining a strong company culture and keeping remote teams happy ...

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    Leaders must take a human approach to employees working from home


    By Sophie Harkness, Operations Director at Incubeta Home working has become our new normal, and the benefits are set to outlast the lockdown. Whilst geographically we’re further apart, new technologies and different ways of working have brought us closer together as a company. We are, literally, inviting each other into ...

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    Psychology of referral: what really motivates customers to refer a friend


    Contribution from Andy Cockburn, Mention Me. Originally featured here . The secret behind every successful referral is making customers feel they have more to gain than lose. In the first of this three-part series on the psychology of referral, we’ll explore this concept of social capital versus social risk and ...

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    Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on UK business


    By Ercan Demiralay, Partner at Wellers . The health, financial and business implications of coronavirus on the UK are still an unknown, but likely to be enormous. With societies across the globe on lockdown, many aspects of business life have ground to a halt. Whether an enterprise has been impacted ...

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    Half of small businesses no longer optimistic for future


    The harsh reality of the brutal economic damage of the UK lockdown is starting to bite and hit most small businesses owners hard. Nearly one in two no longer feel optimistic about the future of their companies and may need to shed jobs in 2020. Almost one quarter don’t think ...


    Back to Work - From Social Gatherings to Social Distancing


    After a lifetime working in the conference and exhibition sector the Covid 19 pandemic made a big impact on Mark James’s business. Social distancing rules effectively put a hold on events worldwide. Rather than sit back and wait for the crisis to end, Mark started thinking what the world of ...

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    Happy news: launch Health and Safety Essentials range


    It’s easy to start feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the bad news right now which is why The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and are on a mission to highlight the good; the entrepreneurs & businesses who are doing amazing things, who have achieved so much (before ...

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    Practical guidance for businesses will be key to reopening the economy safely


    Responding to the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 update yesterday, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry said: “Tackling this virus and ending the threat to public health remain absolutely paramount. But it is also necessary for thought to be given to the future of work and business. “It is ...

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    How to create a Business Continuity Plan


    By Donna Torres, director of small business at Xero Creating a business continuity plan (BCP) is an important measure for small business owners as it will allow your business to keep operating in times of hardship, and bounceback from turmoil as quickly as possible. In short, a BCP is an ...

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    How businesses can navigate successful customer communications


    By Wayne Parslow, Executive Vice President for International, Validity Over recent years, businesses have been battling with increased competition, choice and changes in consumer habits which has resulted in plummeting profits for some. Maintaining successful communications with customers and prospects has proved trickier than ever for countless companies and the ...

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    Communicating with furloughed employees


    By Jo Sutherland, managing director of Magenta Associates Within the next few weeks and months, corporate offices will start opening their doors again. This reoccupation will be gradual – there’s not going to be the sudden influx of people in the same way that there was the sudden exodus in ...

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    Data loss warning as Brits embrace digital tech


    UK consumers are failing to secure content on their digital devices as research reveals that more than two-thirds (68%) have lost valuable data. According to a study 1 by CRM specialist Capsule, more than a third (36%) of Brits have lost photography, 30% have lost their contacts, 26% have ...

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    The shift to remote working: how to navigate as a start-up


    By Nick Offin, Head of Sales, Marketing and Operations, dynabook Northern Europe Remote working has become the norm for companies of all sizes during these trying times. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a significant rise in remote workers never seen in the business world before. Even businesses that ...

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    Lending in the time of coronavirus


    Originally featured on the Starling Bank blog . For more information on the support Starling are offering their customers, click here . By Anne Boden, Starling Bank As an entrepreneur myself, I’m acutely aware that behind every small company that’s suffering because of the coronavirus emergency is a business owner, ...

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    Who’s hiring? Real-time data reveals the sectors leading UK recruitment


    Latest data has revealed that while vacancies dropped by 5% in the week ending 2nd May, pockets of hiring remain, with the Education & Training sector dominating the recruitment market. The HR, Legal, Insurance and Finance arenas also reported an uptick in hiring, according to the real-time statistics from the ...

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    One third of businesses axe IT staff due to Covid-19 cost concerns


    37 per cent of companies have made members of their IT staff redundant or placed them on furlough schemes, according to global research commissioned by Leonne International , the private equity firm. Out of 1,116 business decision makers from the UK, US, France and Germany surveyed by independent polling agency ...

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    Getting back to business, a transition to the new order


    By James Pinchbeck of Streets Chartered Accountants ‘We’re all in this together’ is an often-cited phrase, but never before has it been more true for the UK and business in general. Here, James Pinchbeck of Streets Chartered Accountants explains the steps businesses will need to consider to get back ...

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