Image: John Lewis Image: John Lewis

Despite the drastic rise in mobile adoption seen in recent years, 44% of top international retailers still do not have an app, according to digital commerce firm Episever.

The research, which benchmarked one hundred leading retailers around the world, found that 44% do not have an iOS app for Apple devices. Support for Android devices is even less common, with 62% of retailers relying purely on mobile-compatible websites rather than specific apps.

Across the eleven countries studied, UK retailers offer the best mobile shopping experiences, accounting for a fifth of all companies in the top 100, with John Lewis topping the list. This is followed by the US’ Home Depot and Swedish-owned IKEA. Finnish retailers are the least likely to include mobile within their marketing or ecommerce strategies.

Interestingly, despite their significant presence within the mobile and retail markets, both Amazon UK and Amazon US failed to make it into the top five retailers for global mobile strategy.

David Bowen, Director of Product Management at Episerver, said: “It’s surprising to see just how many of the world’s top retailers are failing to make the jump to a mobile-first approach. While mobile and responsive web design should be a retailer’s first priority given that web is more often a consumer’s first port of call, mobile apps are playing an increasingly dominant role in the customer journey.

"Mobile apps must factor in any online retailer’s strategy, enabling them to keep their business at the forefront of the customer’s mind and ensure products are never more than a click, tap or swipe away.”

You can find the full report here.