By William Buist, CEO of Abelard and Founder of xTEN Club

Effective leaders have the power to make incredible differences in the success of an organisation.

When some of the most successful businesses are analysed, their leaders tend to have one thing in common; a collaborative leadership style.

Collaborative leaders have vision, presence, commitment and confidence as central traits, which help them foster achievement within their organisations:

1) A collaborative leader understands the vision of the company and can communicate it effectively

Leading an organisation requires the ability to see the company as a whole and the role that each person has in reaching the goals of the company.

When the company leaders articulate how the job of each person impacts the final goals of the organisation, they also help everyone remain focused and more productive.

2) A collaborative leader guides the organisation by example

The leaders of a company are generally viewed as the embodiment of the values of that organisation, and employees look to them to learn about behavioral expectations. When the officers and managers of an organisation demonstrate their willingness to hear suggestions and collaborate on projects while also showing respect for employees and valuing their contributions, employees will follow suit.

3) A collaborative leader has confidence in their employees and therefore trusts them to problem-solve on their own

Sometimes one of the most important lessons a leader can learn is how to let go. Too many leaders make the mistake of micromanaging their organisations. A collaborative leader is someone who feels confident in the hires they made and trusts them to make good decisions.

4) A collaborative leader creates an atmosphere which fosters collaboration in others

Open communication is the key to moving companies forward. When employees go through the workday in their own circles, without interacting with others, they run the risk of losing sight of their own value and the goals of the organisation.

Creating and encouraging a spirit of collaboration will help employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas. For example, when marketing and sales teams get themselves on the same page and collaborate their efforts, businesses can see step change growth in revenue.

When an organisation has strong collaborative leaders managing the company, the business can reach incredible heights; it will have the tools it needs to innovate and position themselves at the forefront of their industry.