Murder mystery

Although reading out a bunch of clues from plastic cards and dressing up while reading these clues may not sound like the makings of a fun-filled evening, murder mystery parties are a great team building activity where your team can see their colleagues in a new light and bond in a whole new way than they would in the constraints of the office.

This task also encourages great workforce engagement. Many team building activities can end up leaving the quieter and less confident team members feel less involved. This one however gives everyone a role, and a chance to interact. Some companies even offer a really authentic experience where you can have your murder mystery night in a ‘real’ haunted space.

Even the very idea of a team trip could boost morale in the office. So don’t worry too much about where, what and when. Choose an inclusive activity which fits within your budget and don’t stress over the minor details.

Depending on the size and structure of your company, these trips could even act as incentive to motivate the team even more. What are you waiting for? Get that coach booked so all of your team can travel together in style, and start making memories that will have the office talking for weeks to come.

By Rebecca D'Souza, freelance journalist for Maretts Chariots