By Daniel Hunter

Ahead of the 2015 Brit Awards, the CBI is calling on the Government and industry to work better together to ensure that the UK’s world-beating music sector and wider creative industries, remain an essential sector which delivers jobs and growth.

Already worth £3.5 billion, the right help could truly make the music industry a 'poster boy’ for UK exports.

The UK’s creative industries are together worth £36bn in Gross Value Added and supports around 1.5 million jobs. With competition from abroad, to sell albums or producing new video-games, on the rise, the leading business organisations stresses that it has never been more important to set the foundations for future economic success in this sector.

Katja Hall, CBI Deputy Director-General, says:

“The UK’s creative industries are global leaders, whether it is providing great film locations and production skills, or video game developers and fashion designers. It is essential to over one million jobs that this remains the case.

“As artists gather for The Brits 2015, the music industry alone is worth £3.5 billion and with the right help can become the ‘poster boy’ for UK exports. With the likes of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran riding high in charts around the world, the UK must keep thinking big to help even more of our music artists crack new markets.”

In The Creative Nation , the CBI makes a number of recommendations to keep the UK’s creative industries ahead of the game:

- The Government should work with partners in Europe to develop copyright rules that support investment in creative content and meet the changing needs of consumers

- Ensure creative firms can get access to the funds they need to expand

- Boost the development of in-work skills, especially digital, and ensure the apprenticeship system is suitable for creative industries by helping smaller firms get involved.