By Marcus Leach

It has been another busy year in the world of business, complete with the ups and downs we have come to expect, but nevertheless a year that ends with seeds of positivity hoping to flourish in the new year.

And so, as another action-packed year comes to an end, we take a look ahead to 2013. In this new series, 2013 Trends: What can we expect, Fresh Business Thinking examines different industry sectors, and what can be expected from each.

Matt Schvimmer, vice president of product management, ServiceNow, explains what he thinks will happen in the world of IT service management.

According to an Ovum Research, 2013 Trends to Watch: IT Service Management (ITSM), three key forces will be influencing the wider ITSM space, said Schvimmer.

1. Mobile and social IT will continue to offer new and exciting opportunities to evolve service delivery and support. New technology integrated within ITSM vendor solutions will help facilitate this evolution, as will the maturity of mobile device management (MDM) solutions. As social
technologies are further embraced throughout an organization, peertopeer
support will increase, and functions such as the service desk will evolve in line with this new support culture.

2. Understanding of the ITIL bestpractice framework of processes will improve as organizations fully embrace the ITIL 2011 revisions. There will be a wider understanding that frameworks exist to guide and assist, but they should be tailored to fit with an organization’s practices and culture. IT departments will also look to other frameworks, such as COBIT and USMBOK, as a means of further assisting them to deliver increased levels of business value.

3. In service management, people are the biggest differentiator. Recruiting good people and keeping them engaged is certainly a key management activity, but new technologies will also play a part in achieving this, and creating a culture of optimal productivity. Trends such as gamification will be embraced on a larger scale in 2013 and act as a mechanism to help better manage staff behavior and build staff reputations.

ServiceNow, the expert for Cloud-based IT service automation, adds these predictions with the following outlooks for 2013.

o CIO Transformed —“Chief Innovation Officer”: successful CIOs shifting from fighting for budget dollars to encouraging innovation. CIOs act as a hub, orchestrating all department decisions into a corporate technology platform providing a strong strategic basis for the future of enterprise IT architecture.

o IT will continue to pursue consumeration to provide a responsive, self-service environment for employees to get help, order service and resolve issues.

o Mobile devices will continue to gain popularity within the enterprise as the platform where applications and information are being consumed; thus heightening the importance of HTML5 where organizations can develop native interfaces for a vast variety of devices and allow for a native user experience.

o Consolidation towards a single IT system of record will become a renewed IT priority to reduce the increasingly more problematic limitations of silos of systems and data.

o IT Automation will become front and center on the agendas of CIOs. Automation will be an increasing requirement for VM provisioning and lifecycle management.

o Rather than simply standalone services, social and mobile will increasingly be used by IT to integrate with existing processes to further drive collaboration and streamline business processes and innovation.

o The service catalog approach IT has been using for its own services will be increasingly used by other departments and line of businesses to enable self-service capabilities in other areas of the enterprise.

o IT Asset Management will have renewed scrutiny, so that there can be greater consolidation of data and that the company can evolve from being only reactive to also being able to perform proactive actions, such as predictive replacement and automated licensing reviews.

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