By Jason Theodorou

The government will freeze council tax in England in 2011, despite the budget deficit. The move will come as part of the emergency Budget on Tuesday, to temper the public's reception to spending cuts and higher taxes.

The freeze on council tax is expected to save he average family in Britain around £210 a year. Some see the move as a concession to middle-class families, as low-income families already receive council tax benefits.

Chancellor George Osborne has not indicated how the council tax freeze will be funded. Council tax will be maintained at the current level for at least a year, and the coalition government aims to extend this for a second year.

Mr. Osborne has said that Britain is 'on the road to ruin' without significant cuts to the budget deficit. He has confirmed that the Budget will include a rise in capital gains tax on non-business assets and a levy on banks,

Council tax saw steady increases under Labour, with the average bill for a Band D home rising to £1,439 a year.

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