By Daniel Hunter

When asked what is the first thing they do in the morning, only a quarter of Londoners said they kissed their partner — compared to 42% who said that they checked their phone for messages, work emails or even to look at Facebook.

The street survey was commissioned by Infosecurity Europe in the run up to the 2012 Infosecurity show running from the 24th — 26th April 2012, in Earls Court, London.

The survey showed that men and women check their phones the same amount in the morning — but while more men check for messages, women are actually more likely to be on the lookout for work emails.

“My mobile phone is my alarm, so when I turn it off I always check for messages and emails at the same time — my girlfriend doesn’t notice so I don’t get into trouble," Paul Kennedy, 25, said.

Claire Sellick, Event Director for Infosecurity Europe said there were a few concerning elements from the data.

“What is concerning about these results from a security perspective is that, of the people who take work so seriously that they check their phone for work emails first thing in the morning, only 49% of them said they use strong security on their mobile device," she said.

"The combination of dedicated employees who are always working, with less-than-ideal security on mobile devices, can be catastrophic for their companies if their security is breached. It is essential that companies who let employees work on mobile devices ensure they have strong security in place, so the benefits of ‘anytime, anywhere’ working aren’t quickly outweighed by the security risks.”

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