When it comes to making some plans for your business during the final few months of 2015; one thing that you should think about is ensuring that you have created a website which helps your business achieve the success it deserves. To help you create a website that really gives your business a boost we have put together our top tips for building a successful website.

Identify purpose

Knowing the message that you want your website to convey and what you want it to achieve is important. Because having a vision in mind will ultimately help you to create the ideal website. No set goals or purpose may result in your website being confusing which may be detrimental to the brand. Make content easy and simple to digest The content that your website includes should not only be optimised for search engines but should be created with your customers in mind. Try to stay away from complicated sections of text that take time to read and understand. The simpler and easier it is to grasp, the more likely the customer will take the time to read it.

Break up long paragraphs with bullet points

Never underestimate the power of the bullet point. It breaks up large sections of text and ensures that the customers eye is drawn to the key messages that you want to communicate. Bullet points are great for highlighting the reasons why they should buy from you.

Always include strong call to actions

Want your customers to take advantage of your sale or perhaps get a quote on the services they need; the only way you can be sure that they will is to ask them to. That is the basics of a call to action. Calling your prospective clients to take action and use, or buy from you! Create logical and custom navigation Never assume that your customers will be able to navigate your website. Ensure that you follow a logical path that makes sense to someone who may not be used to your website design.

Create a good balance between text and images on each page

One of the hardest balances to maintain on your website is that between having enough information about your business and also making sure that your pages look great and catch the eye. You can do this by ensuring that you have a mixture of images and text on every page.

Always use professional images

Continuing on the imagery theme, when you do place images throughout the pages of your website it is important to use professional ones. These not only look great but also ensure that the customer is presented with a good initial first impression of your business.

Include trust elements and contact information

Trust elements, such as reviews on your business is a great way to show your customers that other people have not only used your service or product but that it has worked for them. By building trust in what you can offer, you can be sure to attract new customers. You should also ensure that your contact information is easily visible on the page so customers know how they can get in touch with you should they need to.

Provide terms and conditions of your business service

Terms and conditions are important for any business as they show that you take the protection and interests of your customers seriously.

Have visible social media links

Social media has rapidly grown in popularity over the years and is used by millions of people around the world. With this in mind, it is advisable to have visible links to your social media displayed on your website. This not only highlights your ability to keep up to date with current social media trends but also offers your customers an alternative method of contact with you.

Have a responsive design so it can be navigated on a mobile or tablet

Not everyone who visits your site will do so from their computer. In fact many people now access websites from their phone or tablet. With such a large proportion of your traffic being “on the go” you should make sure that the website you have designed can be easily navigated by these users.

By Sarah Knowles, Digital Marketing Manager, SME Insurance Services Ltd