A quarter of Brits say a daily walk helps them to feel less stressed at work and increases productivity, new research has revealed.

Ahead of National Walking Month, walking charity Living Streets, found that 26% of workers surveyed said their concentration had improved since they started walking more often, and a further 26% said they felt more relaxed at the office.

Although the study highlights that people are increasingly more aware of the wellbeing benefits of walking, with more than a third (36%) declaring that a stroll helps them to feel happier, Living Streets is calling on businesses to encourage more of their staff to get out for a walk during the day and reap the benefits.

Living Streets is asking the public, particularly those who are middle aged, to 'Try20' and walk for at least 20 minutes a day during May.

Although more than a quarter of people recognise the workplace benefits of a daily walk, two thirds of those surveyed also said they don’t walk for any part of their daily commute, with almost half driving all the way. This is despite 39% admitting they could walk a part of their journey and nearly half confessing that they were worried about a lack of exercise in their daily routine.

Fiona Lowe, Head of HR at Westfield Health said: “We encourage our staff to get out and about walking every day either in their lunch break or for a ‘walk and talk’ meeting. We find it really helps re-energise people half way through the day and a burst of fresh air and exercise does wonders for their mental wellbeing.”

Living Streets’ Chief Executive, Joe Irvin said: “We are urging people to Try20 each day during May to see the benefits a daily walk can bring. We understand that it isn’t always possible for everybody to fit a twenty minute walk into their commute, but a quick stroll at lunchtime or a walking meeting are great alternatives!

“Our findings show that 25% of people say a daily walk helps them to feel less stressed at work and increases their productivity. Going for a walk can really help you de-stress and feel calmer for the afternoon ahead. It also helps to aid concentration and creative thinking.”