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    How to avoid common cloud migration challenges


    By Sarah Doherty, product marketing manager at iland Most IT architectures are complicated. If you’re considering migrating to the cloud, you’re right to be concerned about the many changes that will be required of your architecture and your organisation as you make your transition. Cloud migration challenges continue to give ...

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    Sparks, speed and satisfaction: The difference a hands-on CEO can make


    By Carl Rodrigues, founder and CEO of SOTI As a CEO, my most important responsibility is to know myself. I'm far from perfectly self-aware (who is?), but there are a few things I know for certain. I know that I'm a software geek at heart and that I am deeply ...

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    Tax rises 'will be needed' to pay for Covid-19 spending


    The government will be forced to increase taxes in order to pay for the huge spending tackling the health and economic implications of Covid-19, according to a leading think tank. It follows the Chancellor's Summer Statement yesterday, which included a further £30 billion worth of support to aid the ...

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    12,000 jobs cut in two days


    Over 12,000 people are set to lose their jobs after several businesses announced hefty cuts within two days of each other. John Lewis is the latest big employer to announce job losses as it announced it would not be reopening eight of its stores across the UK. However, it did ...

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    Raising investment in challenging times - Julia Elliott Brown


    Julia Elliott Brown is the CEO and Founder of Enter the Arena, the UK’s leading equity fundraising expert and specialist coach. With 20+ years commercial experience developing and building high-growth start-ups, in this webinar Julia devilered a masterclass on the journey to raising investment during COVID-19, the conflicting forces and ...

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    Readiness in tough times and preparing for the other side - New Covent Garden Soup Co. founder


    Being prepared is the first step to securing your business' future once a crisis hits. Failing to have a plan in place could be the difference between job cuts - even the business' demise - and a long-term, bright future. As co-founder of New Covent Garden Soup Co and Little ...

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    Why a recession can lead to reinvention - Daniel Priestly


    At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, Dent Global founder Daniel Priestly, gave some early optimism for the future of the economy and business. He explained how a recession, even though it can seem doom and gloom, can result in reinvention and innovation in the long-term. The current coronavirus outbreak ...

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    Immediately acknowledging your problem - Will King


    Early in lockdown, King of Shaves founder Will King gave his thoughts on what business owners need to do to get through the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained that immediately identifying and acknowledging your biggest problem is the first step. Explaining his SPACE acronym, Will started explaining: "S is for 'Survive' ...

  • Francois Paillier

    'People are asking us about their DNA and Covid-19'


    Great British Entrepreneur Awards founder, Francesca James, has been talking to a number of entrepreneurs recently about how they have pivoted or adopted a ‘plan b’ during these challenging times. This is her chat with Francios Pallier, founder of CircaGene. They provide personal DNA tests to get to know your ...

  • Meredith

    Only the brave; captivating a new generations’ hearts and minds with experiential retail


    Speaker: Meredith O'Shaughnessy Date: 06/08/2020 Time: 2:00 PM (BST) Despite Gen Z being heralded as our first true Digital Natives, almost all members of Generation Z prefer to shop in bricks-and-mortar stores: “their last great experience is their new expectation.” Gen Zers, more than any other generation ...

  • Rachel H

    How to build a resilient team


    Speaker: Rachel Houghton Date: 29/07/2020 Time: 2:00 PM (BST) While there have been many hardships and challenges in the last few months, it’s also important to recognise the positives. One major positive has been the growth of teams and the support that everyone has given to their ...

  • Sheryl M

    A post-COVID world calls for a more authentic kind of leadership


    Speaker: Sheryl Miller Date: 20/07/2020 Time: 2:00 PM (BST) The COVID-19 crisis has revealed two things within us: firstly, a greater appreciation for the intangible things in life that money can't buy, and secondly, an even greater intolerance for businesses and brands who fail to support the ...

  • Dr L

    Mindset Shift: Managing your inner critic and emotions in business


    Speaker: Dr Lalitaa Suglani Date: 15/07/2020 Time: 2:00 PM (BST) How many times have you have a thought that has stopped you from doing something and you have kicked yourself after for not doing it? This talk will help you to master your emotions to be able ...

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    Aviation 'ignored' by Chancellor


    Airlines UK, aviation's industry body, said further losses and tens of thousands of job cuts were now inevitable. The industry had pleaded with the government for support as one of the most affected by the Covid19 pandemic. In April and May, the number of flights operated by airlines dropped by ...

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    Public spending soars to £190bn


    Government spending to tackle the Covid19 pandemic has soared to £190 billion, the Treasury has revealed. In comes after the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a further £30bn package of support in yesterday's Summer Statement . Last month, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimated the crisis had cost an extra ...

  • Rishi Sunak

    Summer Statement: Summary


    A new £30 billion package of support designed to help the UK economy recover from the Covid19 pandemic has been announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Delivering his Summer Statement in Parliament, he focused on protecting jobs and giving a helping hand to key industries affected by lockdown. 'Job Retention ...

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    Hospitality VAT cut from 20% to 5%


    As the UK enters the second phase in its recovery, the Chancellor’s plan is designed to support jobs by focussing on skills and young people, create jobs with investment in shovel-ready projects and greening our infrastructure, and protect jobs through a VAT cut for the hospitality sector and a landmark ...

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    Sunak's ‘Plan for Jobs’


    Delivering his Summer Economic Update in Parliament, the Chancellor announced a package of measures to support jobs in every part of the country, give businesses the confidence to retain and hire, and provide people with the tools they need to get better jobs. The plan for jobs is the second ...

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    Getting back to business after lockdown


    By Charlotte Holmes-Darby, UK marketing lead at Vistaprint As many of England’s pubs, restaurants and hairdressers reopened on ‘Super Saturday’, UK small businesses are getting back to business. I’m excited to be able to return to my favourite small businesses and continue to support them after these difficult months. ...

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    English businesses to get £1,000 trainee fund


    Businesses in England will receive £1,000 for every new traineeship they create as part of plans to avoid mass unemployment post-Covid19, the Chancellor will announce this week. As part of a wider brief on the government's plans to support the economic recovery, Rishi Sunak will explain the £111 million support ...