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    Business acquisition - What you need to know


    By Funding Options Business acquisitions can play a large role in the success and growth of companies. SMEs use acquisitions to bolster their market presence and acquisitions aren’t a rarity in the corporate world either. Alphabet – Google’s parent company – had reportedly acquired over 200 companies by 2016. But ...

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    5 ways for entrepreneurs to unplug on holiday


    By Katherine Chain, content and marketing manager at Balance Holidays Have you ever found yourself struggling with work-related stress? Some people often feel the effects too much work can have on them, particularly if you are at the early stages of building up a company. While we all have an ...

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    Will proptech see an uprising?


    By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking It is changing slowly, but maybe proptech is close to seeing an uprising, at least that was one prediction from a recent proptech roundtable hosted by The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and haysmacintyre . Not much really, just an uprising. Proptech, it seems, has ...

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    Ghost towns 'inevitable' if offices don't return


    City centres are likely to become "ghost towns" if the government doesn't encourage workers back to offices, the head of the CBI has warned. Dame Carolyn Fairbairn acknowledged that allowing staff to work from home had helped to keep many businesses operating during lockdown. But she believes that thousands of ...

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    Low-paid workers get £13 day for self-isolation


    Low paid workers in parts of England with high rates of Covid-19 cases will be given £13 a day if they are required to self-isolate, as part of a trial launched by the government. From Tuesday, those claiming Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit and are unable to work from ...

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    What are instant business loans?


    By Funding Options Sometimes, waiting days or even weeks to secure a business loan isn’t a viable option. Every business experiences turbulent times, and having enough capital to keep afloat in the midst of a crisis is critical. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for businesses requiring fast ...

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    Find out about debt restructuring during Coronavirus


    By Funding Options To say that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the UK’s economic landscape is an understatement. Just a few months ago, Rishi Sunak confirmed that the country’s debt is now worth more than its entire economy after the government borrowed £55.2bn in May – the ...

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    Two thirds of furloughed staff still worked


    Two-thirds of staff placed on furlough continued to work in some capacity, according to a major study. The study by Oxford, Cambridge and Zurich universities suggests around six million furloughed staff have broken the rules which stated the Job Retention Scheme could only be claimed on the condition that staff ...

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    Retail sales bounce back to pre-Covid levels


    Image: Georgie Pauwels Retail sales in the UK bounced back to pre-pandemic levels in July, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The figures showed a 3.6% rise in sales volumes between June and July, while sales are overall 3% higher than in February before the UK went ...

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    Job losses may increase regional inequality


    Job losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will worsen regional inequality in the UK, Labour has warned. The party said areas with high percentages of workers in the sectors hardest hit by lockdown measures - aviation, retail and manufacturing - would feel the effects of job losses the most. The ...

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    7 ways to increase your webinar sign-ups in a virtual world


    By Faye Eldridge, digital marketing specialist and founder of FYAMI Consulting As SMEs embrace new ways to engage with customers and stay relevant under social distancing restrictions, it may come as little surprise to read how webinars have surged since lockdown. Webinar platform ON24 reported a 330% rise in ...

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    Workers happy to take pay cut to avoid the office


    Office workers in the UK would happy to take a £2,665 pay cut if it meant they didn't have to return to the office, according to a new report. The survey of 3,000 employees, conducted by Insolvency Support, found that more than a third (36%) say they will be ...

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    40% of shoppers ditching stores with poor social distancing signage


    Image: Vistaprint More than 40% of UK shoppers have stopped visiting stores that have unclear signage on social distancing, according to the findings of a European study of 2,500+ shoppers from Roland DG. The study reveals that clear signage has a significant impact on shopper confidence. More than 80% ...

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    Covid spikes cashless payments


    Safety measures imposed by Covid-19 guidelines have resulted in a spike in cashless and digital payments in recent months, according to a new report. Payments company Square's findings showed that fewer than one in four payments have been made by cash during the lockdown period, around half of pre-Covid levels. ...

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    Apple becomes $2 trillion company


    Apple has become the first US company to be valued at $2 trillion (£1.5 trillion), two years after it became the first to reach $1tn. The tech giant's share price rose to $467.77 on Wednesday, pushing it over the $2tn landmark. It isn't the first company to reach the milestone, ...

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    80% of SMEs confident of Covid recovery despite gloomy outlook


    Four in five (80%) UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are confident they will recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, according to research conducted by Starling Bank and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. The survey of more than 300 UK SMEs across a range of sectors also found that two-thirds (68%) ...

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    Employers support minimum wage rise


    More than half of employers in the UK support the idea of increasing minimum wage but are urging the government to help businesses adapt to a higher wage floor, according to a new study. The report, conducted by Learning and Work Institute and Carnegie UK Trust, found that employers do ...

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    Total wellbeing and holistic health: How Covid is changing the food and drink industry


    By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking It had been steadily growing but Covid-19 may be accelerating the wellbeing and holistic health food and drink sector, a development that may be given further impetus by Boris Johnson’s Better Health Campaign. “The biggest consumers of our alcohol-free beer are people who do ...

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    How to manage cash in a crisis


    Throughout any challenging climate, businesses will be tasked with the difficult prospect of reacting swiftly and innovatively, in order to survive.

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    Second self-employed support grants open


    Millions of self-employed workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic can now apply for a second support grant from the government. It is believed more than three million people are likely to be eligible for the grant of up to £6,750. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said this would be the final payout ...