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    Working will never be the same again after COVID-19


    By Claire Crompton, Director at The Audit Lab What strange times we live in. How many times have you heard that in the past three weeks? But it’s true. Our everyday lives have been turned upside down. And one of the biggest upheavals has been felt in the business world. ...

  • Karen G

    Everything is negotiable: How to prepare to negotiate your next deal


    Everything is negotiable: How to prepare to negotiate your next deal, with Karen Green Negotiation is key whether we are buying a second hand car or doing a major deal with a corporate client. And never more so in these difficult times. Karen Green has been both a retail buyer ...

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    Nearly half of online sales for businesses in March were from “new customers”, study finds


    Nearly half of online sales for UK businesses in March were driven by “new customers” thanks to Covid-19, data from tech firm Emarsys shows today, presenting a new opportunity and challenge for marketers. A huge 43% of sales were made by first-time buyers, while the remainder of sales were ...

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    New micro business loans will “give hope to thousands”, as £50,000 limit and 100% guarantee unveiled


    Responding to the announcement that the Government is establishing a new micro loan scheme for small businesses, encompassing a 100% government guarantee on facilities worth up to £50,000 (capped at 25% of turnover) and a streamlined application process, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry said: "To date, ...

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    Coronavirus rogues darken doorsteps nationwide


    The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosion of scams online, on the phone and the doorstep. Over the past six weeks, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has received numerous reports of opportunists darkening the doorsteps of vulnerable people throughout the country. Some are reporting opportunists turning up ...

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    Matt Hancock: “We have changed forever the digital nature of the NHS”


    At today’s Covid-19 government press briefing the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “We have changed the digital nature of the NHS forever.” Mr Hancock added that he thought “many people who have used online digital GP consultations or online outpatient visits will never go back.” He added: “Where there have ...

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    Advice for small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis


    By Anurag Saboo, co-founder of BullBear There’s no doubt that this is a troubling time for all small businesses. Many freelancers, business owners and workers across the country have had their plans derailed and lives shaken up due to the COVID-19 crisis. But where there are challenges, there are also ...

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    Businesses failing to look after employee wellness while working from home


    Businesses are failing to look after employee wellness while they work from home during the current lockdown, according to new research. More than half (52%) of employees said their employers hadn’t taken any steps to improve their wellbeing since working from home, found the research by fit4thefight , an initiative ...

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    Mentorship in the age of COVID-19


    By Peter Gbedemah , computer scientist and telecoms entrepreneur. Mentorship is an age-old concept which originates in Homer’s Odyssey, where the tutor, Mentor, is referred to as a ‘wise and trusted advisor’. The insight into enlightened advice from this classic tale lays a great foundation to the understanding of personal ...

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    Almost half of UK SMEs worry about their ability to survive


    A poll issued by Vistage , the world’s leading business executive peer-networking and mentorship organisation, reveals that almost half of SMEs in the UK are concerned about the immediate business viability amidst the current pandemic. UK SMEs were polled about their most pressing business worries following the government’s strict social ...

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    Why brands should focus on spreading positivity during the COVID-19 crisis


    By Paul Rowlett, EverythingBranded . I think most business leaders would agree that we're currently facing the most challenging trading period in a generation. Consumers are in lockdown and, with mass layoffs and furloughing of staff happening across the country, many people simply aren't in a position to make purchases ...

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    Covid-19 is transforming UK shopping habits, finds new research


    Research has revealed that a colossal 92% of UK adults have changed their shopping habits due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with e-commerce emerging as retail’s biggest lockdown driver. We’re shopping more online during working hours than previously (13%), with a quarter of Brits (25%) across all age ranges understandably buying ...

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    Over-60s and new mothers among groups most likely to miss out on government self-employed support


    Over-60s, 50-59-year-olds and new mothers are three of the groups most likely to miss out on government self-employed support because they went into freelancing too recently, according to new research by IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed). The research shows that there were 83,000 more self-employed people ...

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    Business and growth strategy to maximise opportunities after business lockdown


    Founder and Chief Executive of, John Courtney will be discussing business strategy, growth strategy, and mentors, board advisory and non-executive directors. John is a serial entrepreneur, having founded 7 different businesses in Bristol over a 40 year period, including a digital marketing agency, corporate finance and management consultancy. He ...

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    Learn how to get extra cash into your company within 30 days


    There is a generous incentive called R&D Tax Credit that supports innovative UK companies to claim back up to a third of costs spent on developing new products, or processes or services. For qualifying Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it could bring in a lot of money at a time ...

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    Coronavirus: Support from Government and the road ahead


    The Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a raft of measures to help ease the burden on the UK's small businesses dealing with the outbreak of Coronavirus. As the weeks pass, more business owners say further government support is vital to ensure their business doesn't collapse. In this webinar, Karan Bilimoria, founder ...

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    The power of referral marketing for eco-friendly challenger brands


    Contribution by Courtney Wylie, Mention Me. Originally featured here . Ethical , sustainable and organic are more than trendy buzz words. Concern for our planet is heavily influencing consumers’ buying decisions, from the clothes they wear, to what they eat and how they invest. It’s not just millennials and ...

  • Hays M

    COVID-19: Summary of financial, tax and accounting measures


    COVID-19: Summary of financial, tax and accounting measures, with haysmacintyre haysmacintyre is an award winning leading mid-tier firm of chartered accountants and tax advisors based in central London. Our 35 partners and over 300 staff deliver a range of high quality accountancy, tax, corporate finance and business advice to scale-up ...

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    Covid deaths fall to 638 as Merkel warns we are still at the beginning


    The number of deaths from Covid-19 has dropped to 638, the number of new tests available are growing exponentially but the German chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that we are still at the beginning of the Covid crisis. Day to day infections rates vary, and weekends tend to distort figures, ...

  • Hutsix Simon Fraser

    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Hut Six


    “We are now entering a significant growth phase. The fact we have attracted investment from existing investors, who have chosen to exercise their rights, as well as new investors acts as an endorsement of the progress we are making,” Simon Fraser, Chief Executive Officer. Hut Six Security Ltd is a ...