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Image: Flickr

Samsung has paused Note 7 production– does this put the battle between Apple and Samsung on pause or stop?

When Samsung Note 7 caught fire, and when it was then banned from airlines, many asked how the company could possibly respond. Well, it responded with a recall, and assurances that when the products were returned to their anxious owners, the problem would be fixed.

Then, when media reports said there had been more Note 7s catching fire, this time on units that had been ‘fixed’, many feared the worse.

Samsung has responded by ‘pausing production’. The BBC reported it as saying it was “adjusting the production schedule to ensure quality and safety matters”.

T-Mobile has said that it is temporarily suspending sales of the Note 7 while Samsung looks into the issue more thoroughly.

In the US, AT&T and T-Mobile have stopped selling the product.

Of course, it’s an opportunity for the likes of Apple, and indeed Alphabet with the Google Pixel phones, as well as the likes of Sony.

But then again, there is no inherent reason why the two US firms should have better quality control than Samsung.

It’s a blow to Samsung, that is for sure, which is, in any case, fighting calls for its to be broken up.

But, as they say, and for want of a better expression, ‘there for the grace of god, go I.’ It was a saying coined by John Bradford, paraphrasing an excerpt from the Bible.

In short, it could so easily happen to you.

Apple, Alphabet and Sony, can capitalise on this, but they better make sure they don’t fall foul of similar faults in the future.