By Claire West

Graduates fail to make the grade in current recession says EvolutionsUK.co.uk.

Graduates with the best grades from top universities aren’t guaranteed employment because they are hopeless at job interviews.

That’s according to one expert who says universities are failing to prepare their students for the outside world of work.

This summer 300,000 graduates will be chasing 30,000 jobs and getting that first foot on the employment ladder will be harder than ever before.

According to David Baker, who has been coaching graduates in interview techniques for 15 years, the majority of university leavers lack the skills, personality and professionalism to impress future employers.

Despite spending thousands of pounds on their children’s education, many parents are taking an extra step and booking a course on EvolutionsUK.co.uk.

“Universities aren’t equipped to train students for interviews,” says Baker, MD of the Cheltenham based Evolutions.

“Graduates have gone through their course but this is the last lesson they have to learn, and some might say, the most important one.”

Evolutions offers The Edge, a bespoke interview training simulation course which claims to increase applicant success rate by 70 per cent.

Based on 15 years of ongoing research, candid monitoring of job candidates and detailed feedback, The Edge uses psychometric profiling techniques and role-play with actors to hone graduate interview skills.

“Interviewers usually focus more than 80 per cent on attitude and the rest on aptitude,” says Baker.

“A graduate may leave university with a first in Biochemistry. But many of the brightest sparks lack the experience and the skills to convey personality and the professionalism to impress an employer.”

Evolutions also provides ongoing coaching and support to candidates who receive over-the-phone advice from trainers until they get the job they deserve.

The two-day programmes are run across the UK and all candidates will receive feedback and role-play recordings following the course.

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