Contingency planning for businesses has never been easier, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has suggested.Kelly Ostler-Coyle, a spokesperson for the association, says that developments in technology allow businesses to prepare for emergency situations with ease."It is almost easier now to put contingencies in place, especially with things being online – being able to back things up on disc and keep them elsewhere … It’s a lot easier now to communicate with people from outside of the workplace than it has been in the past," she explains.Ms Ostler-Coyle adds that technology such as laptops, mobile phones and BlackBerries allow businesses to continue working even in the event of a flood or evacuation.She advises business owners to ensure that they duplicate important data and store it at another site.Ms Ostler-Coyle’s comments come after a study by AXA Insurance revealed that 70 per cent of businesses would not be able to survive a major emergency.