Profit is often seen as the ultimate goal of a company. Triple bottom line companies are rethinking this approach and combining profit, people, and the planet when assessing their impact or setting goals. Fresh Business Thinking draws upon information and advice from business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs on how they are combining profit, people, and the planet to their approach to business and winning.

Francesca James, CEO, Fresh Business Thinking

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    The sustainability startup on a mission to Bin Bezos and Buy Better


    A new platform for sustainable products is crowdfunding to bring better buying to more people than ever – and they aren’t taking any prisoners.

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    Creating the perfect pitch deck with Canva


    A pitch deck is the first tool of communication and the perfect introduction for businesses approaching potential investors - whether it’s in person or via email. It acts as a sales pitch for your business that can be distributed to anyone, allowing people to understand your business idea, discover the business’s character, and understand its full potential - allowing them to decide whether or not they want to invest.

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    The future of digital marketing: Where does it lie?


    The latest roundtable hosted by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and haysmacintye saw a group of founders and digital marketing experts discussing the future of digital marketing, providing their opinions, predictions and expertise.

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