By Craig Loynes, Training Marketing Manager for BSI

All organisations need to ensure they spend their money wisely and receive a good return on their investments. One of the best investments an organisation can make is in the training and development of their staff. Here are five reasons why training is such a good investment:

1. Boost employee morale: You will often hear candidates for a job state a “fresh challenge” as the reason for them applying for the role. It therefore stands to reason that employees need new challenges throughout their time at your organisation, in order to keep their morale and interest levels high. Training and developing your employees is the perfect way to offer them the challenges they need to remain motivated.

2. Increase employee contributions: When your employees have received training, they will feel more confident in contributing and making suggestions for business improvements.

3. Help employees understand an organisation’s expectations: It is vital that employees understand the big picture of an organisation and their role within this master plan. Training is one of the best tools by which this knowledge transfer can take place.

4. Employee retention: When employees are trained, they feel valued and that management are committed to them. This commitment from management is then repaid with loyalty from employees and organisations find it easier to retain staff.

5. Give your organisation the edge: It might sound obvious, but organisations are only as strong as their employees are capable. If you fail to invest in training your employees, you will soon lose any competitive advantage you might have had.

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