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This week we talk to Mark Dixon, Group Chief Executive and Founder of the Regus Group Network.

Mark is one of Europe’s best-known entrepreneurs. Since founding Regus in Brussels, Belgium in 1989, he has achieved a formidable reputation for leadership and innovation. Prior to Regus he established businesses in the retail and wholesale food industry. Recipient of several awards for enterprise, Dixon has revolutionized the way business approaches its property needs with his vision of the future of work.

1. Is the business you want coming in the door? If not, what do you do to find out what’s stopping it?

Fortunately, for Regus, we are seeing a very healthy pipeline of new business as more and more companies move to flexible working. However, if we did need more business, the first place I’d look would be out in the field. I would talk to our team members who deal with prospective customers every day to find out exactly what more we could do to increase business. In addition, I would invite prospective customers to analyse, in their view, if what we were offering was what they wanted. Finally I would pay extra attention to our competition.

2. Are you confident your top 5 people will be here one year from now? What are you doing to ensure this?

Yes, I am confident that our top five people will still with us in a year from now. At Regus we run a tight ship and our senior team operate much more as partners in the business. We all share a passion for the company’s future success and also have a vested interested in it’s future financial success.

3. Do you know what truly motivates your people, beyond the obvious workplace benefits?

I “think” I know what truly motivates our team. It is important to keep a close relationship with your team to understand what the motivations need to be and to constantly keep this area under review. People change, circumstances change and it is important that the company can change with the times. The only thing that is guaranteed in business, and especially with people, is that nothing ever stays the same.

4. If there was an emergency and you had to be away from your company for 30 days, what would happen? Do you have strong leaders who could guide the ship in your absence?

Fortunately we have a number of very strong leaders that could take over in my absence. One of the key reasons for Regus’s success is a depth of management and a depth of structure which allows the business to work effectively in over 65 countries.

5. If I asked your staff to rank your leadership on a scale of 1 to 10, what result would you get? Is this the result you want? How do you improve yourself?

Difficult question and one that you should really ask my team. One thing that I can guarantee is that they could certainly find 10 things that I could improve on.

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