Keeping your business organised can bring a wealth of benefits, from boosting efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and reducing stress - why wouldn’t we want to keep our business organised? We’re going to take a look at some simple ways to keep your business organised.

1. Have a designated workspace

It’s really important to have an office space where you can do administrative work. Even if you have a job which sees you working away from the office, such as a driver or a builder, having a designated space for you to sit down at and complete admin tasks can help you keep your important documents in one place and ensure they are done to a high standard.

2. Set the rules

Rules are there for a reason: To protect the business and its employees. Having rules can keep things organised and help other staff members with their jobs. These golden rules are examples that can help when it comes to organisation in your business:

  • Put things back where you found them: Items not being returned to their designated place can cause delays and backlogs. If, for example, someone is looking for a specific tool and the inventory says it’s on a certain shelf but it isn’t there, this can cause work to get delayed and time to be lost.
  • Don’t take something you don’t need: Similarly to above, if someone takes an item and doesn’t use it, this can cause trouble for the person who actually needs it to do their job.
  • If you break something, report it so it can get fixed as soon as possible: Broken tools and equipment can result in work being turned down, as soon as something is recognised as broken it should be reported so it can be fixed or replaced.

3. Track equipment

Businesses require a lot of investment in equipment, so the last thing anyone wants is for things to get lost or stolen. We touched on how important it is to know where your equipment is, but there is a simple way to monitor tools thanks to tool tracking systems. A little device which can be mounted to any tool or portable equipment which can reveal data about its location.

You can have its last location sent through to mobile meaning you can know where your most expensive pieces of equipment are. Being the size of a matchbox means it won’t interfere with the job being carried out, but will allow you to organise where your tools are. You can even get theft alerts if the equipment is removed from where it should be so you can know its whereabouts at all times.

Keeping your business organised doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. There are some things you can invest in which can help as well as small things which have no costs involved. Regardless of what business you’re in, being organised only brings with it benefits.

By Amanda Walters