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TikTok Creator @diywithemma, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur

Emma is a DIY content creator, public speaker, and director of the social media brand ‘’DIY with Emma’’ whose primary mission is to help more people get into DIY by sharing DIY Hacks, How-to’s, and Follow-Along projects.

Through her social media channels, she shows that DIY and home renovation doesn’t need to be scary. She believes that DIY can change lives through helping people build a sense of personal agency and develop problem solving skills. Making mistakes is a normal part of the learning process, you can start where you feel comfortable and build your confidence from there! Her scope is to educate, inspire and entertain through the creation of easy-to-digest content including short and long-form videos and written content, that has been viewed over 100M times in countries across the world. Her motto is “DIY is for everyone’’

As a marketing consultant, Emma had created multiple successful marketing campaigns for businesses looking to expand their brand awareness, promote new lines and make sales.

Follow @diywithemma on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram.

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