To celebrate “National Fun at Work Day” on 29 January, we have picked 10 of the coolest offices you have ever seen!

  1. Google London

Google is the trendiest place to work, so it’s only fitting that it has the coolest office. Step inside a London landscape with a mini St James’s Park complete with boating lake – and yes, you can row your boat on it. You can even hop on an old Routemaster bus to hold a meeting or have a chat.To add to its coolness, it’s bagged the bath tub used by Douglas Adams of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame. Designed by Peldon Rose with Pitch Studios, Google’s London HQ won the UK Property Award 2011’s Best Office Interior London prize.


  1. Office Space in Town: Waterloo

This building is a real card. It plays on the weird and wonderful world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderful with five storeys dedicated to the tales of Alice. The office in London’s Waterloo area has meeting rooms dedicated to the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and Alice herself among others. Tea in the boardroom will never seem the same again.


  1. Inventionland Design Factory

It’s no wonder that a company which invents more than 2,000 products a year is so innovative. Working with this Pittsburgh company, you get to wear a lab coat, are known as ‘Creationeers’ and go to work in a pirate ship, race track, cave, castle or red carpet walkway. There’s a top-of-the-range video and animation studio plus workshops for your inventions.


  1. Airbnb

You’d expect a top accommodation-booking firm to have stylish offices, but Airbnb’s headquarters in San Francisco go that extra mile. The rooms resemble top destinations to represent Airbnb’s worldwide expansion, including Brooklyn, a Cairo cafe, Mexican log cabin and a chic Shanghai loft.

Airbnb Office

  1. Nokia

Nokia’s funky use of colours turned the offices in Silicon Valley into a really fun place to work. The office space includes wellness centres, daybeds and showers, as well as multi-tasking workstations and brainstorming pods where employees can get creative! The future’s so bright at Nokia, you’ll have to wear shades!

Nokia Office

  1. Urban Outfitters

Proving you can breathe new life into old buildings, Urban Outfitters have built a chic campus on a disused navy shipyard in Philadelphia. It’s the crème de la crème of work spaces, with a cafe, coffee shop, fitness centre and courtyard combining the shipyard’s history with Urban Outfitters’ philosophy of life.

UrbanOutfitters Office

7. White Mountain Office – Stockholm, Sweden

Going underground takes on a whole new meaning with these cool offices 100 feet under Stockholm. The White Mountain office is one of the most amazing places to work in the world and has been created from an old atomic-bomb shelter.

White Mountain Office

  1. Lego

Lego has always has innovative ways with bricks, so you’d expect its new offices in Denmark to be fun. And you’d be right. These brilliant offices are fun and creative while challenging your perspective by creating teeny Bonsai gardens with a huge grass wall graphic and giant tables. There’s also a super slide if you need to get to the work areas in a hurry – or just want to release your inner child.

Lego Office

  1. Pallotta Teamworks – Los Angeles, USA

Pallotta Teamworks moved from cramped conditions in Hollywood to its very own campsite in Los Angeles. It made its money go further by creating seven tented villages within a large warehouse to reinforce its message of living responsible and sustainably. How many companies can top that?

Pallotta Teamworks

  1. Microsoft – Vienna, Austria

Imagine having a bespoke workspace to suit you. That’s what Microsoft has done with their trendy offices in Vienna. They looked at how their employees worked, from the person who is always in the office to the nomad who is hardly ever there, and designed the office space accordingly. There’s also an exciting two-storey slide where riders land among geometric cushions. Happy landings!

Microsoft Office


By Ben Murray, Head of Marketing, Peldon Rose