Making hiring less tiring: Staffing hospitality in a post-pandemic world

Hiring is more difficult than ever, especially for the hospitality industry. In this roundtable sponsored by haymacintyre, a panel of hospitality experts and entrepreneurs get together to discuss how to come out on top of the tiring process of hiring in a post pandemic world.

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Terms of business for start-ups

Yes I know what you’re thinking…yawn, yawn, not another article on a very dry subject from a boring lawyer. But what if I were to tell you that this ‘very dry subject’ could well affect the value of your business and also determine how attractive you are to investors. 

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The value of prototypes and MVPs in growing your business

It is well-known that the human brain is better equipped to receive, understand and remember information when it is communicated in pictures, rather than simply in words. 



Traditional media: Going, going, gone?

If video killed the radio star, then Netflix and other streaming services have carried out a hefty massacre on TV.




Got what it takes to be a Food & Drink Hero in 2022?

Food & Drink Heroes recognises and champions entrepreneurs within the UK’s food and drink industry, shining a spotlight on and supporting them to continue growing.

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