With an increasing number of businesses seeing the Internet as a cost-effective and convenient marketing tool, Silverbean, one of the north east’s leading digital marketing agencies, is urging firms in the region to get the most from their online marketing activity.

Neil Robbins, managing director of Newcastle-based Silverbean gives us his top ten tips to improve how you do businesses online.

The Internet is a fantastic marketing channel that every business can benefit from, but like any form of marketing it’s got to be well planned with your target market and end goals in mind. Here are some key considerations for your online marketing strategy to help you get the results you want for your business:

1) Make sure Google can see you

With around 80% of UK‘s online population using Google to search the internet, your business needs a Search Engine Optimisation strategy to ensure your website gets in front of people looking for the products and services you sell.

2) Start talking to your audience

Make sure your business is in regular communication with your customers using a suitable email marketing strategy to inform them of new products and services. Set up a blog and keep it up to date regularly.

3) Start analysing

Use Google Analytics to review how your website is performing.
By analysing this data you can make subtle changes which can make a real difference to the number of enquiries and sales you make online.

4) Get networking

Networking is a great way to get new business so why not develop a social media and online networking strategy to increase introductions to people looking for the products and services you sell? Join bttradespace.com and wecando.biz to build relationships and win business.

5) Online PR

Include online media in your PR strategy. Distribute your press releases online, contribute to relevant blogs and write feature articles for websites.

6) Get engaged

Engage your website users by making sure your site looks good, is informative and is consistently updated with regular, fresh content, which will also help to enhance your website rankings.

7) Be different

Don’t be afraid to be innovative and stand out from your competitors. The Internet is a great place to try out new ideas.

8) Start capturing some contact details

You’ll be surprised how many people actually visit your website. Make it easy for them to give you their basic contact details so you can start building a relationship with them.

9) See the Internet as a place to generate leads

The Internet is a great place to acquire new customers and business leads, you just need to make sure you have a strategy in place to increase visitors to your site, make it easy for them to learn about your business and to encourage them to contact you.

10) Talk in their language

If you run a business that can easily export it’s products and services make sure your website is available in different languages. There are many ways you can get your website translated and useful online tools to help you translate any email enquiries you receive. The pound is low against many other currencies — it’s time to go European!

By building your online marketing strategy around these key areas, you will soon see tangible results and growth for your business.

Silverbean is offering all businesses a free evaluation of their website to identify what changes are required to generate more visitors from Google. For further information contact Neil Robbins on tel: 0191 406 1200 or visit: www.silverbean.co.uk/freereport