Openness and collaboration require new approach to employee relations


By Daniel Hunter

A resistance to change and a lack of social media savvy amongst senior leaders is holding organisations back from rebuilding trust and fostering cultures of openness, collaboration and innovation in their organisations.

That’s according to new CIPD research on the current landscape of social media and employee voice, launched today at the annual Voice and Value conference at the London School of Economics.

The CIPD is urging employers to recognise that social media is driving us headlong into an age of mass collaboration and mass transparency, and if they don’t embrace this with open arms they will find themselves on the back foot.

The research, conducted for the CIPD by Silverman Research, highlights that social media presents employers with the opportunity to truly engage their staff in shaping the future direction of their organisations. Not only does it give employees an open channel through which to feed views upwards, but it also enables greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between employees at all levels, which is how new ideas and innovation prosper. What’s more, social media interactions give organisations access to a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative data that can drive greater employee and customer insight.

The report comes hot on the heels of a worrying deterioration in employee voice, recorded by the CIPD’s quarterly Employee Outlook last month, and highlights that traditional employee surveys designed to give employees a voice can actually distract many leaders from listening and acting on employees’ true ideas and concerns.

The new research concludes that the biggest barrier preventing employers from embracing social media as a channel for employee voice is inaction and resistance to change amongst leaders. It found senior leaders often lack understanding of how social media works and the power of the data it can generate.

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