The 3 Most Common Workplace “Crimes” Committed By Employees


By Claire West

UK employees typically commit at least one of three “crimes” — and they’re all easily “solved” by managers.

Management development expert Mark Jacobs of The Mdina Partnership has listed the top three crimes after years training managers to overcome staff problems.

He said: “A few years ago I noticed that different managers in different companies had similar problems with their staff.

“I tracked the problems, and over a few years have noticed there are three that seem to blight most companies. The good news is they are all relatively easy to fix with a little extra management time.

Mark’s top 3 workplace crimes, and the solutions are:

1. Staff wasting time at work: “Wasting time is actually a symptom of an employee without a clear goal,” Mark said. “Wh en you measure employees by their workload rather than their progress towards a specific goal, you inadvertently encourage them to waste time when they perceive they have done everything expected of them. Every employee needs a clear goal and the knowledge of how to achieve it. That focus in their job makes them feel more accountable.”

2. Pulling sickies: “Staff get away with pulling sickies regularly because managers don’t keep accurate records,” Mark explained. “Many senior managers would be horrified how often some of their junior staff call in sick. If it happens regularly across a whole department, it’s often a warning sign that the manager isn’t performing well. An inter-net based Talent Management System can help to raise the alarm to senior staff early on.”

3. Moaning about pay: Mark said: “Employees complain about pay when they are not being managed properly. When they understand what the company is trying to... continued on page two >


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