Mobile retail boom yet to materialise, study finds


By Ben Simmons

Tablets, and particularly the Apple iPad, are currently the flavour of the month. However, a new nationwide study commissioned by, a leading website builder, has revealed that Brits are not embracing tablets or mobiles for shopping as much as expected. commissioned the research to help British retailers find out what is — and isn’t — important for their customers when shopping online.

“There’s huge hype and publicity at the moment around tablets so it’s perhaps surprising to see that this isn’t being translated into general use amongst Brits. At, we have created thousands of successful e-commerce sites, so wanted to reassure current and potential online retailers about what they do and do not need to do when creating a site. This should hopefully lead them to create successful future-proofed e-commerce sites that will boost sales during these difficult economic times,” explained Juan Lobato, CEO,

Highlights from the research include:

• Only 4% of Brits are using a tablet for online shopping. Of these, the Apple iPad is the most popular with 76% of tablet-shoppers using an iPad. In fact, the Apple iPad is now nearly as popular for online as a Mac desktop (3.3% of people use an iPad versus 3.7% of people who use a Mac desktop)
• Even less people use a mobile phone for online shopping. Despite the proliferation of apps from online retail stores such as Tesco and Amazon, only 2% of people claim to shop online through their mobile phone. Perhaps unsurprisingly, of those, the Apple iPhone dominates with 66% of mobile-shoppers using that device. Worryingly for Nokia and Microsoft, no Brit claims to use a Windows Mobile-based handset
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